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A key member of the highly regarded team of tax lawyers specializing in criminal and civil matters at Rotatori, Bender, Joe Alexander brings both the skill of a veteran lawyer to court, as well as the experience of having worked as a tax accountant for a major international CPA firm.

Following graduation from the University of Akron in both undergraduate and law, he studied for his master's in law at Georgetown University. After earning his degree, Alexander then served as a clerk in the U.S. Tax Court. Later he worked for two years for the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand.

In 1987, Alexander joined the Cleveland firm of Kadish & Bender and later practiced law in the offices of Roetzel & Andress. He joined Robert J. Rotatori and Timothy Bender in the present firm in 2001.

Alexander brings an in-depth knowledge of finance and its role in business and tax matters to the firm, assisting clients with highly complex matters in this area. His role in the firm's team approach used on major cases is reviewing the financial aspects of the case with the provisions of law.

The thing we do best is our flexibility in tax cases, Alexander says. We can provide the technical expertise required to defend both civil and criminal tax cases.

Because the firm possesses this technical ability, our counsel is swift, economical and well integrated for clients who find themselves mired in issues with severe implications, Alexander adds.

Since most law firms do not deal with criminal tax cases, Alexander is often involved in matters that are referred by other attorneys, who seek the particular expertise that he and others in the firm represent.

Alexander believes that tax law is the central issue in business transactions because it is closely tied to the spectrum of other legal matters the firm handles.

Alexander lives in Valley View, with his wife, Mary Ellen, and son.

Contact Joseph P. Alexander:
email: JAlexander@Rotatori.com, telephone: 216.928.1010, ext. 204